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Kitchen vinyl flooring - Why are they better than other types of floors?

Kitchen vinyl flooring - Why are they better than other types of floors?

Jul 16,2021
The kitchen represents a very specific environment where the floor gets really busy. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a floor that will be durable and will not be bothered by demanding operation or a humid environment. Vinyl flooring are an ideal choice.

The kitchen is often the center of the household and is exposed to harsh conditions. You can actually put any floor here, but you can be sure that most of them will soon suffer damage or very strenuous maintenance. That's why you need to choose wisely and not only according to how you like the floor.
Which flooring does not fit into the kitchen?
Each of us knows that. There is traffic in the kitchen, it is still cooked and sometimes something is spilled. And moisture is a big scarecrow for the floor, especially for wooden or lower quality laminate floors. There is also no shortage of splashes from sauces and shredding of ingredients in the kitchen, which has catastrophic effects on carpets. Therefore, even these are not completely suitable for kitchens. Last but not least, something often falls off during cooking, such as a glass, pot, bowl, etc., and paving would not have to survive these accidents, as there is a risk that a piece of tile will break along with the fallen utensils. In addition, the popular white joints between the tiles would soon not be white in the kitchen.
Why vinyl flooring is suitable?
Once we know which floor is not entirely suitable as a floor covering for the kitchen, let's talk a little more about vinyl floors, which we recommend for use in the kitchen. With vinyl floors, you will find a very durable surface, which is protected by a tread layer and a protective PUR layer. So you don't have to worry about the floor surface being damaged if the object falls. A big advantage is also 100% water resistance of vinyl floors. For glued floors, water resistance is always guaranteed; for floating vinyl floors, it is good to find out whether there is a waterproof locking joint with which the individual vinyl parts are connected.

As for the other properties of vinyl, you will certainly appreciate the anti-slip, softness of the surface, impact sound attenuation, antistaticity and ease of maintenance in the kitchen. If you manage to spill, crumble or clean something, simply sweep or wipe off all stains and crumbs with a damp mop.

An interesting benefit is that you can place underfloor heating under vinyl floors, which is especially suitable where the kitchens are connected to the living room and you want to set a pleasant thermal comfort throughout the space.
Which vinyl flooring for the kitchen can you choose?
The variability of vinyl flooring knows no bounds, so you can choose the type of installation and decor according to how you want the floor to match the kitchen equipment and the rest of the interior.

With floating or interlocking vinyl flooring in the kitchen, you will find easy installation and high durability. Glued vinyl flooring guarantee you perfect water resistance. However, it is better to invite experts to install.

Among the decors you will find natural wood patterns that are very realistically processed, so you have almost no chance to know that this is not a real wooden floor. Stone, marble or paving patterns are also popular.

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