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Brand Story

Developing the quality service concept in Hanflor China
In China many business was focused on sales orders and not on customers. After spending almost 4 years in the industry, I ventured as a salesman to directly understand the customer and market needs. 

In order to spread the concept of ‘Quality in China’ firstly, our focus was to set up a team and develop the customer service concepts parallel to the product development.

My dream, was to deliver quality Chinese made products globally with quality service. It's a burning desire. 

Now we have a wonderful inspiring team of skillful communicators and problem solvers in the flooring industry. Together we have journeyed through and built a business that makes almost 50 million a year across the globe.  

Hanflor is making a difference in the resilient flooring industry from China.
'In order to gather knowledge and bring a change, the seeking must be unconditional..'
Visit & study Malaysia high-end construction industry needs of vinyl flooring, inspect projects

Studying US Market Research  and policies.
Alibaba Senior Global Partner
TV interview & spreading Quality in China Concept
Travel all over US to inspect projects & visit industrial professionals & study the end user's demands.

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