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Introducing SPC Vinyl Flooring, Its Features and Benefits

Introducing SPC Vinyl Flooring, Its Features and Benefits

Jul 23,2021
Introducing SPC Vinyl Flooring, its Features and Benefits

Are you choosing a new floor and can't decide which one to choose? One of the most popular floor coverings today is the vinyl one thanks to its many advantages. And when one more advantage is added in the form of a load-bearing SPC plank a perfect floor known as vinyl SPC is created. Let's get to know it better.

SPC Vinyl Flooring Under a Magnifying Glass

SPC vinyl flooring refers to vinyl floors with a locking joint, the basis of which is a supporting SPC plank, What makes this board special? It is highly resistant to damage, is not subject to tensile forces, is waterproof, dampens impact noise, resists heat, you can safely place it on the original floor and has a stable locking joint, which greatly facilitates installation.
Exceptional durability

Thanks to its exceptional durability, you can also lay the floor in areas with maximum load, ie not only in households, but also in busy commercial spaces. You can rely on resistance to mechanical damage, water resistance, thanks to which it is also suitable for bathrooms, technical and basement rooms, as well as for a stable construction. Due to the fact that SPC vinyl flooring is not subject to dimensional changes, installation up to 400 m2 is possible without expansion joints.
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Laying SPC Vinyl Flooring

Sometimes laying a floor can be expensive. However, this is not the case with SPC vinyl flooring, which you can safely install yourself. You can place SPC vinyl on the original floor or on a concrete base with small cracks. In the case of larger unevenness, it is necessary to level the substrate, but the advantage is that you can lay the same day. SPC vinyl flooring is also suitable for underfloor heating.

SPC Vinyl Flooring Maintenance
Another great advantage of SPC vinyl floring is undoubtedly easy maintenance. Stable board and durable tread layer guarantee easy cleaning.

Easy maintenance, extreme durability, easy installation and all the other advantages of vinyl flooring. SPC interlocking vinyl flooring offers all this. Discover its advantages and you.

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