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Best Vinyl flooring suitable for offices

Best Vinyl flooring suitable for offices

Jul 23,2021
Vinyl floorring suitable for offices

The office is an environment with high demands on the durability of the floor. In addition, office floorings should be representative and practical. Let's say why vinyl floorings are suitable adapters for floor coverings for offices.

What should the office floor meet?

It must have a durable surface that does not damage the movement of classic or wheelchairs, walking in heels or dirt such as small stones or sand.
It should be waterproof so that it does not mind the occasional clogging of mud from the outside or wiping with a wet mop.
It should be easy to maintain, preferably only by leaching or conventional wiping with cleaning agents.
It should offer a wide range of decors to match the floor with the rest of the office equipment.

Why reach for vinyl floorings?

Vinyl floorings offer a highly durable surface, which is provided with a protective tread layer protecting the floor from damage. The floors are scratch-resistant, do not mind loads in the form of office chair wheels, women's heels and can handle everyday busy operation, when hundreds of pairs of feet can walk on them.
In the case of glued vinyl floorings or interlocking vinyl floorings with a water-resistant interlocking joint, they offer 100% water-resistance.
If you choose interlocking vinyl floorings, you can be sure that in case of damage to any part of the floor, the damaged part can be easily replaced (replacement is also possible with the glued variant, it is just a bit more difficult).

Vinyl floorings are very well maintained. There is no need to pay special attention to them or professionally clean them.

They also offer a long service life, are ecological and do not mind allergy or asthma sufferers.
Vinyl is a material that is pleasantly warm to the touch, can dampen impact noise and acts as a partial thermal insulator. If you want to have a pleasant warmth in the office, you can also pamper yourself by laying underfloor heating, which will not harm the vinyl. In the case of a floating vinyl flooring with a cork underlay, the comfort is even higher (the floor is softer to tread, feel warmer and offers a higher degree of noise attenuation).

With vinyl floorings, an almost endless selection of decors and patterns opens up to you. You can choose natural-style floors with wood or stone décor. You can also reach for single-colored floors, patterned floors or variously styled mosaics and tiles. When it comes to colors, you are not limited in any way. You can have a vinyl floor in basically any color.

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