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Hanflor vinyl sports flooring

Hanflor vinyl sports flooring

Oct 16,2020

The durability and ease of maintenance of vinyl sport flooring makes it the ideal choice for all athletic spaces Available in a choice of colours,hanflor sport flooring is designed to perform safely and effec-
tively in 'multi-purpose' indoor sports venues.
vinyl sports flooring
vinyl sports flooring
Efficient Joint and Cartilage Protection
Due to excellent shock absorption, they provide a long-term protection of athletes' joints and cartilages during regular sporting sessions.
vinyl sports flooring
A Perfectly Balanced Grip and Slip
Unique surface design ensures a balanced level of friction that facilitates quick direction change and reduces the risk of slips and trips.
vinyl sports flooring
Advanced Comfort

Special foam backing provides optimal vertical deformation, increasing the comfort and reducing the risk of physical injuries.
vinyl sports flooring
Excellent Athletic Performance
These floorings are ideal for team ball sports, as they do not affect the play and deliver consistent rebound and spin characteristics.
vinyl sports flooring
Excellent sport properties (shock absorption,ball rebound, slip resistance).
Easy and low-cost maintenance
Sound absorption
Wide color range

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