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Hospital PVC floor engineering solution

Hospital PVC floor engineering solution

Feb 7,2020

As a high-traffic public place, hospitals have very high requirements for environmental cleanliness due to their needs for controlling infections and the like. What needs to be provided in the environment for treating patients is environmentally friendly, safe and clean floor materials. Hanflor has been committed to creating a warm and comfortable health and medical environment. We supply high-quality, innovative, healthy and safe floor materials, which are essential floor materials for all areas such as hospital halls, corridors, and wards!

Entrance and public areas
It belongs to the area with a heavy traffic load in the hospital. It needs the floor material to have excellent abrasion resistance and scratch resistance, and it can also deal with heel marks and other damage caused by high traffic. Hanflor vinyl sheet flooring is twice as durable, with special high-strength and abrasion-resistant special ingredients, making daily scratches, stubborn stains and heel marks more difficult to attach and easy to clean.
A variety of product colors and products with different textures can provide a warm and comfortable atmosphere in the ward area, and a comfortable foot feel brings a quiet rest environment, which effectively helps the patient's physical and mental recovery. At the same time, we can provide many color combinations and product solutions according to different interior designs.
Children's play area
Vinyl floor is rich in color, and you can use spots, patterns and other designs to make the color mix clear. The clever color matching of the vinyl floor in the children's activity area can virtually eliminate children's fear of the hospital, reduce the pressure on medical treatment, and actively cooperate with treatment.
Nurse station
There is no air hole on the surface of pvc vinyl floor, and dirt cannot enter the inner layer. No formaldehyde, no radiation, and the built-in antibacterial property can provide permanent sterilization and bacteriostatic treatment, effectively preventing microorganisms from multiplying inside and outside the floor. The seamless connection meets the needs of the nurse station for protection against moisture, dust and hygiene.
Hospital corridor
The anti-slip function of pvc vinyl floor is very prominent. And the anti-skid characteristic of the vinyl floor is that it gets drier with water, which effectively reduces the possibility that both the patient who is slow in the hospital corridor and the hurrying nurse may have a wrestling medicine.
Rehabilitation exercise room
Under local pressure, pvc vinyl floor can produce instant deformation and very comfortable feet. It is very suitable for the rehabilitation sports room where the elderly, children and patients are located.
Clinic and doctor's office
Hanflor vinyl sheet flooring offers a wide range of colors and different textures for customers to choose from. Comfortable feet and excellent sound absorption will help create a comfortable and pleasant medical and office environment.
After in-depth understanding of the performance of PVC plastic flooring, hospital PVC flooring will gradually replace traditional flooring materials, thereby achieving a real improvement in medical quality.

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