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Hanflor kindergarten vinyl flooring solution

Hanflor kindergarten vinyl flooring solution

Feb 5,2020

Children's world can't be compared with adults. In the children's world, they like everything new and can give them a certain amount of excitement. However, all this needs to be supported by the kindergarten environment. The so-called environment can affect people's behavior. Similarly, the paving of the kindergarten floor will also have an important impact on the behavior of children.

First of all, we need to know that no matter how the kindergarten vinyl sheet / floating floor is paved, there should be a plan for the ground's focus and layout in advance, and then through full communication with the designer, use the designer's expertise and sense of space to complete, Uniform design, which can reduce waste to a minimum.
The practical function of the floating floor extends to children's teaching, children's entertainment, and child safety protection systems. It has the functions of teaching and playing, and learning. The "sports function" and "entertainment and leisure function" of the floating floor are perfectly combined to give full play to the function of the venue, so that children can exercise and enhance their physical fitness while enjoying the fun.

For the "special irregular site", while using the space, the unique site shape is used as a design advantage to allow the designer to exert his inspiration as much as possible. Children going up and down the stairs are more dangerous, so the anti-slip performance of the stair floor is better, and the anti-slip effect of the hanflor coil floor is higher than that of the ordinary floor.
Playfulness is the nature of children. Most of the time in kindergartens and early education centers is for children to grow up happily while playing. The indoor vinyl sheet can be laid according to children's preferences, and the color is mainly bright.

Different staircases with different colors are used to highlight different novelty and beauty, while giving children new and novel sensory feelings, and promoting children's creative and thinking skills.

Children have a certain degree of autonomy and spontaneity. Do not restrict the children's behavior. Lead the children to discover things as much as possible. This is also the purpose of the kindergarten when laying the floor.
The kindergarten should fully stand on the perspective of the child and create a place that is both novel and full of fantasy, which can better promote the development of children.

Hanflor kindergarten vinyl sheet has a special compression-type sound-absorbing backing layer, which has cushioning force when children play, and it is not easy to fall, and it is not easy to fall;
The seamless splicing effect of hanflor vinyl sheet makes the floor easier to clean;

Hanflor kindergarten vinyl sheet passed 19 heavy metal tests of EU toys, and its environmental performance is comparable to Lego toy standards, allowing children to grow up healthy in a safe environment;

Excellent coating and surface abrasion resistance technology has made our flooring reach the industry's top level of abrasion resistance and use it longer than other flooring materials;

Hanflor has up to 300 kinds of pattern choices and many parquet designs, making the ground color more in line with children's psychology and giving children a good childhood memory.

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