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Which floor is best for kindergarten?

Which floor is best for kindergarten?

Jul 15,2019
Creating a good learning and growth environment for children has always been the direction of care and efforts of parents and teachers. Especially in the kindergarten stage, it is a crucial period for children's physical and mental development and character formation.
The safety of the floor for the kindergarten is the most important, followed by the comfort, and then the decorative effect, so that the children like it.
So healthy, environmentally friendly, stylish personality, lively and bright vinyl flooring has become the first choice for many people. With the understanding of vinyl flooring, it is recognized that this kind of flooring not only benefits the child's physical and mental development, but also benefits the child's intellectual development.
Vinyl flooring is also easy to clean, antibacterial, anti-bacterial, moisture-proof, waterproof, and environmentally friendly to ensure children's safety. Vinyl flooring has a very good decorative effect, with rich patterns and colors, it is easy to match the kindergarten architecture.
1. From the perspective of anti-slip, the child's nature is very active. They like to run around, and it is easy to fall if they are not careful. The vinyl floor is comfortable and flexible, which is very suitable for children to play on, which can effectively reduce the pain after wrestling. The anti-slip function of vinyl flooring prevents children from slipping and falling during play.
2. From the perspective of environmental protection, the health of children has always been the most concerned. Therefore, the kindergarten floor selected must be non-polluting and the formaldehyde content is extremely low. This requires the flooring material to be natural and non-polluting. The vinyl floor is healthy and environmentally friendly. The material is made of non-toxic and non-polluting PVC, and the elasticity and wear resistance are excellent.
3.From an economic point of view, although the solid wood floor feels good, solid wood flooring is expensive. As a non-profit organization, kindergartens must also consider their economic affordability. Vinyl flooring is cheaper than solid wood and cork flooring and environmentally friendly than laminate flooring.
In addition, the surface temperature of vinyl flooring in kindergarten is often in the proper range of the human body. Walking barefoot on the floor will also feel warm and spring, comfortable and friendly. Kindergarten vinyl flooring has a unique elastic foam layer structure, which not only feels comfortable on the foot, but also greatly reduces the pressure caused by long-term standing on the back, legs and ankles of the human body, and meets ergonomic requirements. Vinyl flooring can provide a great cushioning effect especially for children's accidental falls to reduce the damage caused by falls. At the same time, vinyl flooring can also absorb the impact of falling fragile items on the ground.
Therefore, from the above several perspectives, vinyl flooring is the most suitable for kindergarten.
Hanflor's vinyl flooring is safe and non-toxic, without any toxic volatiles, zero formaldehyde, making it very suitable for kindergartens.
Vinyl sheet (Coil Floor)of hanflor is brightly colored and has a strong decorative aesthetic, which is beneficial to children's intellectual development and character development. We can customize the decoration according to your needs.

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