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Three Tile patterns to showcase your floor

Three Tile patterns to showcase your floor

Apr 28,2017

Three Tile patterns to showcase your floor

There's more to a tile floor than the tile itself; how you lay out your tile can change the look and feel of the room.

After you have selected new tile for your home projects, think about how you would like it laid out. Here is a guide of basic patterns to get you started. Most tile showrooms have displays of floor patterns and the sales staff can recommend sizes and configurations to suit your space. 

1. Straight lay. This is the simplest tile pattern and it showcases the beauty of the tile.

2. Diagonal. Tile is set on a 45-degree angle. It add a little interest and makes the floor feel expansive.

3. Running bond. This basic layout is also called a brick or offset pattern. The tiles are offset by half the width of the tile.

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