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Autumn home improvement ,what you need to pay attention?

Autumn home improvement ,what you need to pay attention?

Sep 19,2016

Autumn home improvement,what you need to pay attention?


The northern hemisphere autumn approaches, dry weather in autumn, wood is not easy to get damp, deformation, coatings, paints also easy to dry, for the renovation workers save a lot of steps, but also for the owners to significantly reduce the fitting time. At the same time, autumn decoration there are some hidden problems, we compiled some notes on autumn decoration, we hope to provide you with some help.


1.Anti-dry wood materials

(1)Avoid putting wood on air vents

Autumn wood for decoration, to avoid on the vents, otherwise the wind blows, easily lead to loss of moisture within the wood, the wood surface dry, cracks.


(2)The wood should be placed in the shade

The wood taken to avoid direct sunlight, on the one hand sunlight to accelerate the loss of water , on the other hand may cause the paint on the wood prone to cracking.


(3)Closure of the glaze processing for wood

If the wood dry badly,firstly, the wood with a dry towel to wipe floating dust, and then continuously brushing twice varnish coatings seal oil treatment, oil treatment after the closure will greatly reduce the chance of dry of timber.


(4)Wood need to be placed transversely

All decorative panels should be flat, so that the sheet can remain flat. Avoid decorative panel upright so easily to make the panel cracking warped.


2.Wall painting to anti-cracking

(1)Interface agent can not brush too thin

When the old wall treatment, no brushing interface agent, interface agent or too thin, but a change in the indoor humidity, wall putty easily occur hollowing, cracks occur, shedding.


(2)Putty, coating proportion is necessary to identify

proportion is wrong, it will affect the walls of the toughness and tension. The ratio of wall putty, latex paint and water ratio should identify, for example, if the wall paint dilution ratio is too high, excessive dilution will damage the wall paint molecular structure, causing the film tension is not enough, easy to cracks.


(3)Putty can not brush too thick

Wall putty can not grab too thick, because indoor air is dry, water loss quickly, can easily lead to hollowing, cracking, uneven walls phenomenon. Additionally wall putty can not rely on the drying temperature, and rely on wind to dry, so be sure to grab a very thin putty can scrape a few times more. The dry wall putty will not crack, repeated repairs to reduce future trouble.


(4)To continue construction after the last of dry paint film

If the first coat is brush too thick, and also is not completely dry, it begins to smear the second track, due to the different internal and external drying rate, can easily lead to cracking of the coating.


(5)Painted walls should be dried naturally

After the completion of painting the walls in summer, windows and doors are usually open so that the wall in a shorter time film. Fall can not do so, because of the weather already dry, the wall will dry faster, excessive moisture loss, there will be the possibility of shrinkage deformation. Therefore, 1-2 days should be maintained doors and windows closed after the wall painting, or only in the morning and evening when ventilation is always up to the wall dried naturally state.


3.Floor construction to anti-cracking

(1)Floor need to proper preservation before the pre-construction

Front floor construction, the material needs to proper preservation. To avoid the floor place on air vents , avoid placing in direct sunlight to the place, it should be prevented in the shade.


(2)Before floor coverings, the ground to be leveling

Under the conditions of surfacing ground uneven, use for some time, the use of glue pavement floor,glue easily disengaged generation gap. Therefore, before the floor coverings, the floor needs to be cleaned to remove dust and grease or sand, in order to ensure that the ground is flat, clean.


(3)Floor coverings the expansion joints should not be too large

Autumn air is dry, the floor due to the loss of water will produce shrink, so the gap between the floor becomes large, solid wood flooring if the gap is too large to stay, it will result in greater post-gap, easy to filth, not easy to clean up. The parquet and laminate flooring can be seamless connection, without leaving the expansion joints.


(4)After paved pay attention on product protection

Do not hurry open windows for ventilation, it’s let the floor to become dry and brittle. Floor must be allowed to have a period of adjustment indoor temperature and humidity of the time.

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