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Color how to effect your emotion?

Color how to effect your emotion?

Aug 24,2016

Color psychologists believe that there are differences effects of different colors on human emotions and psychology.

Warm series: red, yellow, orange can make people feel happy and generate excitement; and blue, gray, green and other cool series will make people feel quiet, even a little melancholy. White and black are the two poles of vision, research confirms: Black will be distracting, it gives rise to depression, dull feeling. Long-term living in such an environment the human pupil is extremely enlarged, numbness, over time, to human health and life adversely affected. The rooms are furnished in white, there is a sense mazumdar, but the white contrast is too strong, easy to stimulate the pupil contraction, induced headache and other symptoms.

American scholars study found that: pleasing bright colors can be transmitted through the optic nerve to the brain cells, thus contributing to the promotion of human intellectual development. Children living in harmonious colors, which is higher than the normal environment of creativity grow by. If people feel depressed often in a color environment, it will affect the development of brain cells, so that the mental decline.

Correct application of color aesthetics, help to improve living conditions. Spacious room decorated using warm, avoid room gives a sense of spaciousness; small household room can use cool decoration, it feels bigger visually. Family room with less people,the color should choose warm, population and noisy family room is appropriate to use cool. The same family, have focused on color, decorated bedrooms warmer tones, help to promote marital harmony emotion; studying room with light blue trim, people can focus on learning; dining room, red-brown table, is conducive to enhancing appetite. Different climatic conditions, the use of different colors can be changed to some extent atmosphere. In the cold north, people want get warm, indoor walls, floors, furniture, curtains can decorate in warm colors ,it will have a warm feeling, on the contrary, the hot and humid southern climate, the use of blue, green, blue and other cool decorated room will feel much cooler.

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