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PVC flooring and other common flooring comparison

PVC flooring and other common flooring comparison

Aug 22,2016
Comparison of PVC flooring and other common flooring

1.PVC floor and tile comparison:

(1)Different ingredients and production processes: the so-called ceramic tiles, refractory metal oxides and is a semi-metal oxide, by grinding, mixing, pressing, glazing, sintering of the process, and the formation of one kind of ceramic or stone acid. More of its raw materials by mixing clay, quartz sand, etc. 

(2)The performance and maintenance are differences:ceramic tiles is non-slip textured and cold, it is also troublesome maintenance, very easy to dirty.

(3)Install a difference: Tile is heavy, install more trouble, and after installation can not be reused.PVC flooring is light texture, installation is very simple and can be directly on the original floor pavement space without compression, so the transformation of old buildings is very suitable.

2.Stone and marble PVC flooring comparison:

(1)Stone is very heavy, transportation and construction to bring a lot of burden, especially for high-rise buildings of the main structure will cause great harm.

(2)Stone is water slippery and icy texture, and radioactive marble, granite containing radon gas is harmful for people.

(3)Marble is expensive, but the effect is laid on the grade, suitable for high-end places.

3.PVC flooring and wood flooring comparison:

Wood floors can be divided into three categories: solid wood flooring, parquet and laminate flooring.

(1)Solid wood flooring is a natural material, has the advantages of synthetic materials irreplaceable, non-toxic, odorless, comfortable, cool. But it also is expensive, large hardwood resource consumption, laying installation workload, difficult to maintain (fear of fire, fear of water, fear of tide) with the relative humidity changes have a greater dimensional change and the lack of floor width direction.

(2)Parquet wood flooring  has the appearance of the same beautiful wood grain, good dimensional stability, ease of deployment and maintenance. But still can not get rid of the disadvantage of solid wood flooring,environmentally friendly and wear is not as good as PVC flooring.

(3)laminate flooring of the substrate is medium density or high density fiberboard and particleboard, good dimensional stability, surface layer of decorative paper containing wear-resistant materials, with wear-resistant scratch-resistant burning-resistant and pollution-resistant performance, which is relatively the first two terms, compare with the PVC flooring superior wear resistance and stain resistance than there still is a gap.

4.PVC flooring and bamboo flooring comparison:

(1)Bamboo flooring is made of natural wood processing, environmental protection. But bamboo flooring also belong to fear of water, fear of fire, fear of tide, the indoor temperature and humidity sensitive, easy expansion and deformation or shrinkage cracking, serious or even moldy.

(2)The surface of bamboo flooring is the paint, poor wear, poor anti-scratch ability.

(3)Bamboo flooring maintenance trouble, requires frequent waxing maintenance, additional corrosion resistance is poor

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