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What about the virgin SPC and recycled SPC and how to identify them?

What about the virgin SPC and recycled SPC and how to identify them?

Jul 4,2022

What about the virgin SPC and recycled SPC and how to identify them

With the increasing popularity of spc flooring, many spc flooring suppliers have appeared in the market.

When we look closely, we will find that these floors will have some differences in appearance and quality, the original floor is always more preferred by the guests, so how do we know if the floor on the market is made of original material?

If you have to go to a testing agency for testing before every purchase, you will waste time and money. For this problem, we briefly summarize three aspects, namely four simple methods.

1. Materials check by color: 

The core color of virgin material SPC flooring and recycle material core SPC flooring are different: 

 - the color of virgin material SPC flooring is light yellow or light white;  

 - while the color of recycle material SPC flooring is a gray color. 

2. Flashlight Inspection Materials: Do you use a flashlight to inspect from the back of the SPC floor?  

- For 100% virgin material, illuminate the floor with a flashlight, you can see the light penetrate from the other side, then the floor is made of virgin material.

- For recycled materials, you won't see any light spots on the surface.

3. Stain-resistance: Have you write the words by mark pen on the surface of SPC flooring and try to wipe it out ? 

 - For normal surface of SPC flooring, you can not wipe out the words of mark pen; 

 - While you can wipe out the words of mark pen for good quality stain-resistance SPC flooring, such as DECNO SPC flooring. 

4. Check the floor cross section for air bubbles, or roughness.

- Generally speaking, the cross-section of raw material floors is relatively fine and smooth.

- The recycled material is rough and has air bubbles.


Floor hard cores made of virgin materials can be recycled, and almost no formaldehyde is generated during use. It can be said to be very healthy and very safe. However, with recycled floors, the hard core will have a slightly darker appearance and generate significantly more formaldehyde during use than virgin floors.

Therefore, users should choose a safe and healthy floor because it is closely related to our daily life.

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