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How to identify the mspc flooring and spc flooring?

How to identify the mspc flooring and spc flooring?

Jun 30,2022
How to identify the mspc flooring and spc flooring?

What is Melamine Stone Plastic Composite (MSPC)

· MSPC Vinyl Flooring stands for Melamine Stone Plastic Composite Vinyl FlooringNamely melamine SPC.

· MSPC Vinyl Flooring is an innovative and new SPC Flooring product

· MSPC Vinyl is engineered luxury vinyl combining limestone and stabilizers; creating a tremendously durable and rigid core

· MSPC Vinyl remains 100% waterproof while adding stability, structure, and enhanced dent resistance to traditional vinyl plank flooring

· MSPC features Melamine paper as the top layer instead of film paper, This is the same finish as laminate floors.

what is Stone Polymer Composite Flooring (SPC)

· SPC stands for Stone Polymer Composite, a limestone core combined with PVC dust and a stabilizer.

· it's denser due to the core being 60-70% limestone with a 30% PVC core fused together. Often referred to as rigid core

· SPC is 10X more impact resistant than WPC. It's also more stable to sunlight, can be installed in sunrooms, and has better scratch resistance compared to WPC.

· The elastic SPC core is finished with a decorative and protective UV film to create a beautiful and strong flooring.

Advantages of SPC

1. High density rigid core material, much stronger than regular LVT and strengthened click system;

2. 100% waterproof, fire-resistant, can be installed at kitchen and bathroom,

3. Extremely stable, less expansion and shrinking (0.06%) than regular LVT, WCP or laminate flooring, two times stable;

4. No curling even under high temperature environment;

5. Glue-free, easy installation with click and lock system;

6. Safe and sustainable, no formaldehyde, free from hazardous materials and chemicals;

7. Excellent indentation resistance

Advantages of MSPC

1. Super Anti-Scratch & Wear-resisntance · Water-Proof

2. Safe flooring & Anti slipping Special anti slipping layer when watered.

3. Super Thin & Light 4 -6mm thick design, less than half of the thickness of traditional ceramic tiles. More suitable for wall paving, reducing load-bearing, not occupying layers, saving space.

4. Quick Dry Installation & Energy Saving Special lock design make quick dry installation for kitchen, living room and bathroom without using cement mortar.

5. Good heat conduction & size stability Good heat conduction and stability. Warm up quickly within 5 -10 minutes and no size deformation.

6.Eco-friendly & healthy choice Only natural powder stone, no toxic chemicals added during production. Removable & cyclable

What's the difference?

Some customers prefer the surface scratch resistance of laminate flooring, but also want the environmental performance and waterproof performance of SPC, so we combine the two. Therefore, whether it is the scratch-resistant and surface design of the laminate floor, or the waterproof and environmentally friendly SPC intermediate layer, we call this new type of floor MSPC.

The melamine paper is hot-pressed with the SPC core layer, and we can understand it more intuitively through the following structure diagram (Figure 1)

Compared with SPC, MSPC has a higher wear resistance coefficient, and the super wear resistance property makes MSPC more suitable for areas with high traffic flow and need to be waterproof.

If you have any questions about MSPC, please feel free to contact us, please contact our sales for free samples.

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