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Low VOC Flooring ▏What does VOC mean in flooring

Low VOC Flooring ▏What does VOC mean in flooring

Mar 4,2021
Low VOC, Non-Toxic Flooring
IAC Gold Test Results Show hanflor Flooring 100% Ultra-low VOCs.

Customer safety has always been hanflor’s #1 priority. Which is why we continue to provide low VOC flooring to keep our customers and their families safe from harmful emissions.

Unlike other companies who cut costs by utilizing low-quality materials, hanflor takes great care in our sourcing and manufacturing processes. Our proprietary quality control process, which includes the use of superior materials, and manufacturing techniques, makes it possible for us to offer a product that is beautiful, durable, eco-friendly, and safe. This we why we feel confident about using our products in our own homes where our children grow up.
Hanflor has the lowest VOC flooring of compared competitors
What does VOC mean in flooring?
The term Low VOCs describes floor coverings, underlayments, and adhesives which release minimal emissions and are safer for those who consistently come into contact with them. Volatile Organic Compounds are carbon-based and vaporize under high pressure, in high amounts these can be harmful for home owners and their families.

What is formaldehyde?
Formaldehyde can be a naturally occurring chemical in lower concentrations but is often used for embalming, or as a bonding agent or solvent. Formaldehyde is classified as a volatile organic compound (VOC), meaning it is a chemical that becomes a gas at room temperature. As a result, products made with formaldehyde will release the gas into the air in a process is called off-gassing. If higher concentrations of formaldehyde are off-gassed and breathed in, it could cause serious health problems.
What contains formaldehyde?
Formaldehyde is in just about everything. Apples, shampoo and the air we breathe contains trace formaldehyde. Higher levels of formaldehyde can be found in certain building materials such as particle board, plywood, paneling, pressed-wood and laminated wood building materials including furniture and flooring.

How do I protect my family?
Awareness is the best defense. When shopping for new flooring, researching the floor's formaldehyde emissions and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) is vitally important. Flooring is a material that will be in your home for a lifetime, that you and your family will live with everyday. Never install any engineered wood building products in your home without getting the formaldehyde emissions test results first. Only use “interior-grade” pressed wood products. Use air conditioning and dehumidifiers to maintain moderate temperature and increase ventilation, particularly after bringing new sources of formaldehyde into the home.
With hanflor flooring, you don't need to worry about formaldehyde. Our floor formaldehyde emissions are far below the French A+ (Emissions in indoor air) standard.

The French A+ (Emissions in indoor air) standard requirements are TVOC<1000(ug/m3), formaldehyde<10(ug/m3), and acetaldehyde<200(ug/m3). Hanflor vinyl flooring:
low VOC flooring
From hanflor IAC Glod test report
Breathe easy, with hanflor vinyl Flooring.

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