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Chinese Red Interior Design Typically Chinese Interior

Chinese Red Interior Design Typically Chinese Interior

Dec 31,2020
Whilst it’s almost impossible to pinpoint the precise style of a nation with as rich and as long a history as China, there are a number of visions that instinctively come to mind when closing your eyes and picturing a typically Chinese interior.

In honor of 2021 New Year, let’s explore Chinese interior design style. Chinese design style is noted for its Zen-like aesthetic and simplicity. It is about clean lines and character of shape. Here are some interiors that illustrate the beauty and harmony of the Chinese interior design style aesthetic.
Red is a feature of many Chinese interiors but not a necessary ingredient in every one. Furniture shapes consist of very straight lines and are sometimes accented with intricate designs, such as those in the stools below. The Chinese furniture aesthetic has its origins as far back as 1000 BC and those styles are still used today in the modern home. 

Modern Chinese interiors generally adhere to a more minimal style. Spaces designed in Chinese style are often serene and peaceful. There is a visual flow that is welcoming and relaxing.

Wood frames with intricate fretwork serve as wall accents and room dividers in the Chinese style interior. These geometric designs greatly enhance the space and form interesting patterns throughout the room.
Chinese interiors sometimes incorporate the Feng Shui method of design. Feng Shui is the Chinese practice of arranging a space in relation to the flow of energy to promote harmony and balance in the environment. This principal is believed to ensure those in the home health and happiness.

Not all Chinese interior design is about bold red and black lacquer furniture. The general principle of a harmonious living environment is the key to what makes these spaces successful and so Zen-like. Fine accessories, a great management of space and unique details make Chinese interior design special.
Chinese design isn’t so much a rejection of bold lines and sharp form (indeed a lot of Chinese furniture adheres to these shapes). But, it does embrace and champion decorative form in a very big way.

To truly develop a Chinese-inspired scheme, you’ll need to make room for ornate carvings on furniture or lamps, you’ll seek out intricate patterns on fabrics, and you’ll welcome the more-is-more mindset in terms of attention to detail on key pieces in the room (all the while keeping everything else very much about less-is-more).

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