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Hanflor during the China novel coronavirus(2019-nCoV) outbreak

Hanflor during the China novel coronavirus(2019-nCoV) outbreak

Feb 26,2020
Hanflor during the novel coronavirus(2019-nCoV) outbreak
The novel coronavirus has raged in Wuhan, China, and China has waged a war without gunpowder. During this anti-epidemic period, all Chinese people contributed to Wuhan, China.We hanflor have resumed work. Your goods can not only be arranged normally, but also be shipped within 3 days!

We insist on parity sales and refuse to raise prices
Hanflor company: all employees wear masks to work

hanflor factory (all production lines of SPC have been fully resumed)
hanflor's SPC line is an automated production line and has been fully resumed
The employees of the LVT and WPC production lines are still in isolation. Although the production lines have not been restored, this is our guarantee for safety.

hanflor laboratory
While ensuring the quality and safety of raw materials and semi-finished products, we are also actively doing virus prevention and control.

Hanflor has quickly checked the stock after resumption of work, we can achieve fast delivery within 3 days!
How did we achieve safety precautions during the epidemic?

1. Disinfect each office twice in the morning and evening
2. Everyone must wear a mask to work, and work at a certain distance from each other
3. Measure body temperature twice a day per person
4. Keep windows open during working hours
5. Everyone wash hands frequently and wear disposable gloves
6. Refuse to take out, everyone brings their own lunch

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