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Why is vinyl for commercial applications so popular?

Why is vinyl for commercial applications so popular?

Feb 11,2020

Vinyl for Commercial Settings

Vinyl is one of the most popular types of flooring for commercial applications. Restaurants, office buildings, hotels, and others install vinyl flooring as a way to keep their facility looking clean and well-kept for years to come. But why is vinyl for commercial applications so popular?


One of the biggest worries businesses have when choosing flooring is the risk of getting damaged. Businesses, cafes and boutiques see high foot traffic with more potential to see scratches, dents and spills. Flooring is an investment in both the appearance and longevity of your building, so you need a floor that can handle it all.

Vinyl is one of the best types of flooring to withstand this type of regular abuse. It holds up well to daily usage so your floors stay looking like new for longer. Here is why vinyl for commercial settings is a great investment.
commercial vinyl flooring

Vinyl is well-known for its resiliency. The way vinyl is made inherently protects it from scrapes and scratches. It’s able to continue to stay looking its best in spite of heavy foot traffic because of its durable materials. This alone is enough to make contractors and business owners love using vinyl.

Look for vinyls that have a .03mm (12 mil) or .5mm (20 mil) wear layer. These are commercially rated and will provide the most durability for your space.

For businesses, a rigid core vinyl may be the best option when it comes to durability and beauty. A rigid core vinyl is an SPC or WPC vinyl that has an engineered core for added stability, dent resistance and comfort. This floor is 100% waterproof, but has added durability over a regular luxury vinyl.

Water Resistance

Spills, dropped glasses and water being tracked in from rain will not be a problem with vinyl. Vinyl flooring is water resistant and anti-slip, which makes it a safe option for commercial spaces. Even though it is water resistant, spills and water should not be left standing on the floor, both to protect the product and customer.
Aesthetically Pleasing

Vinyl is also aesthetically pleasing. This makes it enormously beneficial to business owners who have a specific brand image to uphold. Vinyl is available in a variety of designs, colors, and patterns. With so many options to choose from, it’s certain a business can find exactly what’s needed to complete the interior decor appropriately.
Vinyl flooring can be found with beveled edges, EIR (embossed-in-register) Texture and colorful styles that mimic stone, cement and wood grain.

Changes to Vinyl’s Aesthetic Over Time

Like any type of flooring, vinyl will change a little bit aesthetically over time. A few factors that determine what areas will see the most changes and what will remain close to its original look include:
How much sunlight each area gets;
How often the floor is cleaned and maintained;
How much heat your floors experience throughout the day.
The best way to avoid aesthetic changes over time is to keep your flooring well-maintained. Removing dirt, debris, and oils that could accumulate on the floor will maintain a shiny finish and prevent discoloration.

If some areas of the floor see more sunlight than others on a regular basis, use area rugs or furniture to help hide these from the harmful rays. It’s also recommended that you regularly change the layout of your storefront. This way, no one area will dull more than another.


Vinyl flooring is one of the most budget friendly floors on the market. Like all floors, you can find vinyls on the low end and high end of the scale. Vinyls that are usually found on the low end of the scale are sheet vinyl, glue down vinyl and 4mm or less luxury vinyl flooring. Vinyls at a mid to high level price may include rigid core technology, specialized textures, special top coatings and attached underlayments.

A big difference will be seen in the appearance of the plank. If you want a high end appearance, you may opt for a higher end price tag.
Easy to Clean

Another reason commercial locations turn to vinyl is that it’s low maintenance. Daily sweeping and weekly wet mopping will be all the floor needs to stay looking great year after year. Here’s some more cleaning tips.

Vinyl has tremendous benefits for business owners. If you’re interested in receiving a free sample of vinyl for your business, or if you’d like to learn more, contact one of our flooring experts. We’re happy to help!


Whether you have employees on their feet all day or you want to provide your customers with a comfortable experience, it all starts with the floor! If you plan on buying click lock vinyl of 4mm or more, you now have an option to choose floors with attached underlayment or to install a vinyl specific underlayment. Adding this extra padding beneath your floor can make a huge difference in how your floors feel.
With added underlayment, you’ll have a softer feel under foot and less noise pollution.

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