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What are the characteristics of WPC floor? What are the advantages of WPC floor?

What are the characteristics of WPC floor? What are the advantages of WPC floor?

Feb 10,2020

What is WPC vinyl floorting?
Wood-plastic composite materials are made of plastic and wood fiber (or rice husk, wheat straw, corn stalks, peanuts) Natural fibers such as shells) is a composite material made by adding a small amount of chemical additives and fillers and processed by special compounding equipment. It has the main characteristics of plastic and wood, and can replace plastic and wood in many occasions.
Features of WPC vinyl flooring
1. Durable, long service life, wood appearance, higher hardness and better rigidity than plastic products;
2. Excellent physical properties, better dimensional stability than wood, no cracks, warping, no wood knots, twill, film or composite surface, etc.
3. It has the processability of thermoplastics, which is convenient for popularization and application;
4, secondary wood processing: can be sawn, planed, bonded, fixed with nails or screws, and easy to repair;
5, not afraid of insects, aging, corrosion resistance, will not absorb moisture deformation;
6, can be reused and recycled, can also be biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
Disadvantages of WPC vinyl flooring
First, the cost is relatively high. Generally, wood-plastic products are more expensive than plastic or solid wood products.
Second: WPC floor does not need to be painted on the surface, and its color will be relatively less.
Advantages of WPC vinyl flooring
1.Using high-tech technology, using waste plastic and plant orange rods, plastic-wood composite material made by high temperature pressing is a typical environmentally friendly product.
2. The water absorption of this material is only 0.2%, good water resistance, not easy to mold, corrosion resistance, insect resistance, good chemical stability, high hardness.
3.This material has a strong texture, high surface hardness, and is not easy to wear.It can be produced in different colors according to needs, has good anti-aging performance, and long service life. Preferred material.
4. It can be used for packaging in the logistics process. It is an ideal material for making packaging boxes and pallets.
5. Specifications and shapes can be manufactured separately according to users.

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