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How ro clean and maintain vinyl flooring?

How ro clean and maintain vinyl flooring?

Apr 17,2019


Vinyl floors are not only stylish and simple to install, they’re also easy to clean and maintain, giving you an easy life and a healthy and hygienic home.
To keep the floors in your home looking as good as the day you laid them, here’s what to do:


Remove dust with a broom or vacuum cleaner. This avoids build up of dust or dirt and makes it easier to maintain your floors.


Do a once a week clean with a damp mop, like warm water and a neutral detergent. This helps to remove dirt and keep the floor in top condition. Keep in mind that you don’t need a big amount of water to clean your floor and note that light colours often need more frequent cleaning.

Cleaning up stains

Treat stains immediately, for example, spot cleaning by hand with a nylon pad and neutral detergent. Clean from the outside of the stain towards its centro, then rinse and wipe with fresh water.
 - oil, vinegar or lemon stains: remove right away as they may cause discoloration on the surface of your vinyl flooring
 - ink, tomato or blood stains can be removed by putting very diluted alcohol directly on the stain for a few minutes without scrubbing, then rinse off with water
 - pen and marker stains are easily cleaned by rubbing with a little white spirit on a cloth and rinsing well with water
 - rust should be cleaned with an anti-rust sponge and rinsed off with water

5 Cleaning and Care tips

- Place protective pads (like felt) under heavy furniture, chair and table legs
- Avoid rubber bottoms on objects resting on your vinyl floor – it may cause staining.
- Use doormats at entrance ways to prevent dirt or dust from being brought inside and make cleaning easier. About 80% of dirt can be stopped there!
- Clean your floors with natural, soft or neutral detergents
- Keep hot items like heaters, ashes or coals at a safe distance/height from your vinyl floor

Don't clean vinyl floors with:

Abrasive powders,
Black soap,
Acetone or Solvents,
Wax or varnish,
Oil-based products,
Steam cleaners

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