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How to Install Rubber Floor?

How to Install Rubber Floor?

Jul 13,2017
 How to install Rubber Floor

1.Before installation, the rubber should adapt to the environment temperature (consistent with ground temperature). In the process of adhesive natural drying, adhesive should avoid temperature changes significantly.

2.When uniform coating the basic ground and the rubber back, before the adhesive dried, put the tile tile alignment, and tap with a rubber hammer. If there’s any adhesive pollution floor surface, should be removed immediately.

3.If the rubber has been laid, but the corner is not aligned, hollow uplift, tilt side edges, amend or resurfacing should be carried out before the adhesive dried.

4.After finish installation, the adhesive is still in the process of natural drying, so the wet cleaning work should be waited until the adhesive completely dry (approximately 48 hours).

Notice: 1.Cross construction should be avoided.

             2.The basic ground should be solid, flat, clean and dry.

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