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6 Common Design Mistakes and Some Tips

6 Common Design Mistakes and Some Tips

May 23,2017

6 Common Design Mistakes and Some Tips

Mistake #1: Rooms That Are Overly Coordinated

A room that is too carefully coordinated, with all new or store bought pieces, is very uninspiring.

 Tip:We should use items from travels and small vintage pieces to really bring the space to life.


Mistake #2: Choosing Small-Scale Furnishings for Small Spaces

“In small spaces, people tend to select petite vanities, which can minimize usability of the space and make it appear smaller.”

Tip: A well-designed custom solution can make the space appear larger and function better.

Mistake #3: Too Many Accessories

“A common design mistake we often see is over-accessorizing, especially in rooms that have multiple uses. You have to know when to stop. Every room needs a space that allows the eye to rest. “

Tip: Use simple and selected pieces that had personality, but did not steal attention away from the owners' fantastic collection of art and collectibles.

Mistake #4: Sticking to Only One Style

“One common mistake is assuming that the style of your home should dictate your decor. A traditional home does not necessarily mean your design details must be traditional and vice versa.”

Tip: Combine transitional or contemporary pieces alongside traditional or antique styles.

Mistake #5: Lighting Fixtures That Are Too Small

"One design mistake that I see quite often is the use of a chandelier that is under-scaled or too small for the space. ” 

Tip: A vaulted or high ceiling, like the space above, will call for an even larger chandelier.

Mistake #6: Thinking Contemporary Means Cold

"Designing a contemporary home does not mean that the look has to be stark and uninviting.”

Tip: Texture on the walls, windows and floors and well-placed accessories and collected pieces add soul and personality to rooms and make them welcoming and warm.


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