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Interior design | Original style

Interior design | Original style

Apr 27,2017

Interior design | Original style

We come from earth

Finally return to dust

Lifestyle should also be like this

Occupying house is a kind of art, while aesthetics should be based on pragmatism. One’s house should reflect his lifestyle and personality.

Axel Vervoordt, a famous interior designer, his designs are almost works of art.

He prefers grey old walls, bare concrete floor, furnitures with sandal wood color. The whole style is normcore. It just looks like some rural countries in western middle ages.

But it can’t be denied that it seems rough, but it is actually delicate in details.


This old and simple style is full of vintage style, which is called “wabisabi”. It is the aesthetic form of philosophy, which ignores those things beyond us. And it is the balance between human and things, which makes people return to nature.


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