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Dining on board is a wonderful thing

Dining on board is a wonderful thing

Nov 29,2016

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This restaurant is designed to spread in the current secular popularity of the background, how to break through the rigid side of the 1000 model is the focus of the designers focus on thinking. The inspiration is unintentionally found in the "water", the concept is the main line of the case, diet is the origin of life, and diet is inseparable from the water, and water think of the ship, dining on board is a wonderful thing, so The story of the birth of the water therefore comes. The entire restaurant with native local terraces planted landscape, to create a strong ancient folk customs. Into the door a huge pot stove point out the theme, launched a fascinating feeling, a few boats as if leisurely cruising in the Jiangnan waterways, the space to add a staggered cross-strait, so that waterways seem to become natural water, space planning interesting changes, Cuoluoyouzhi, sitting on the wrong floor dining, overlooking the surface of the water as if the water in general Jiangnan water. Creating a huge contrast with romantic and quaint space, the top of the huge ships and terraced terraces on both sides, including the mountain cable car uphill dining area, coarse stone handrails and other natural scenes rendering, all reflect the fit with the theme - With simple heart cooking food.










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