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PVC floor waterproof it?

PVC floor waterproof it?

Nov 18,2016

PVC floor waterproof it?


PVC flooring become the first choice of the current floor decoration, a lot of people still have some adopts in it, PVC flooring really waterproof ? We today to share with you the expertise:


PVC floor as the main ingredient is PVC and calcium carbonate, advanced fiberglass layer to ensure the stability of its size, so naturally not afraid of water, as long as it is not long-term immersion will not be damaged, it will not happen because of humidity mildew or affected by temperature and humidity.


PVC floor surface layer of wear-resistant layer has a special non-slip property, and compared with ordinary ground materials, PVC flooring in the case of sticky water feel more astringent, more difficult to slip. Because of the super non-slip, so public safety requirements in public places such as airports, hospitals, kindergartens, etc. is the preferred surface decoration materials.


The main component of PVC is vinyl resin, and water affinity, so its natural not afraid of water, as long as not long-term immersion and will not be damaged,and not because of humidity and mildew.

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