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Take you to understand the PVC flooring

Take you to understand the PVC flooring

Oct 31,2016

Take you to understand the PVC flooring


hanflor pvc tile vinyl plank anti-slip water proof flooring granite looking slate long-lasting sound absorption

PVC flooring "refers to the use of Polyvinyl chloride material production floor.


PVC flooring is more popular a new light-weight surface decoration materials, also known as "light-weight wood." It has been widely accepted in the domestic large and medium-sized cities since the early 1980s. It is mainly used in various places such as indoor home, hospital, school, office building, factory, public place, supermarket, commercial and sports venues.


hanflor pvc tile vinyl plank anti-slip water proof flooring granite looking slate long-lasting sound absorption

PVC flooring is a multi-layer structure, usually from 4 to 5 layers stacked structure, generally wear layer (including UV treatment), printing film, glass fiber layer, elastic foam layer, grass-roots.


hanflor pvc tile vinyl plank anti-slip water proof flooring granite looking slate long-lasting sound absorption

PVC flooring advantages:


1, green: PVC is environmentally friendly non-toxic renewable resources, it has long been a lot of use in people's daily lives, such as tableware, medical infusion tube bags. Any qualified PVC flooring are required to go through IS09000 international quality system certification and ISO14001 international green certification.


2.Ultra-thin: PVC floor only 1.6mm-9mm thickness, weight per square meter only 2-7KG, less than 10% of ordinary ground materials. In the high-rise building for the body load-bearing and space-saving, has an unparalleled advantage.


3, super wearlayer: PVC wealayer floor surface layer of a special high-tech processing of transparent wear-resistant layer, the wear-resistant revolutions up to 300,000 turn. In the traditional ground material in the more wear-resistant wood flooring wear only 6,000 rpm turn, a good laminate flooring is only 10,000 rpm. Because of the superior wear resistance, so in the flow of large hospitals, schools, office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, transport and other places.


4, high elasticity and superior impact resistance: excellent PVC floor to minimize the harm to the human body, and can spread the impact of the foot, the ratio of falls and injuries reduced by nearly 70% compared to other flooring.


5, super anti-skid: PVC flooring surface layer of wear-resistant layer has a special non-slip, and with the ordinary ground material, PVC floor in the case of sticky water feel more astringent, the greater the friction.


6, fire retardant: the quality of qualified PVC floor fire index up to B1 level, B1-level fire that is very good performance, second only to stone.


7, waterproof moisture: PVC floor as the main component of vinyl resin is not afraid of water, as long as not long-term immersion will not be damaged; and will not happen because of humidity mildew.


8, sound-absorbing noise: PVC floor with ordinary floor materials can not be compared to sound-absorbing effect, the sound up to 20 dB, can provide a more comfortable, more humane living environment.


9, small joints and seamless welding: a special color of the PVC sheet flooring through strict construction and installation, the joints are very small, almost invisible seam distance; PVC membrane floor with seamless welding technology can be achieved completely seam.


10, installation and construction fast: PVC floor installation and construction is very fast, without cement mortar, good ground conditions with special environmental adhesive bonding, 24 hours later can be used.


11, acid corrosion: the authority of the inspection, PVC floor with strong acid corrosion performance, can withstand the harsh environment of the test, is ideal for hospitals, laboratories, research institutes and other places.


12, thermal conductivity: PVC floor, good thermal conductivity, heat evenly, and thermal expansion coefficient is small, relatively stable. In Europe and the United States and Japan and South Korea and other countries and regions, PVC floor to warm the floor of the preferred products.


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