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Resilient Fastener Corporation introduces TitenFast

Resilient Fastener Corporation introduces TitenFast

May 31,2016

Posted Date: 5/27/2016

[Sandisfield, Mass.] Resilient Fastener Corporation announced it recently launched TitenFast, a new and innovative locking system for joining hardwood, engineered, laminate, LVT and carpet tile flooring.

According to Reslient Fastener Corporation, the system consists of a connector element and a specific groove shape. What makes this system so strong, the company said, is that the fastener is positioned in the groove in such a way that the connector element is actually trying to go deeper in the groove, automatically, for the lifetime of the assembly, ensuring a tight fit. TitenFast is also blind, meaning there is no visible access hole or visible hardware after assembly. It also able to be cycled repeatedly.

“It’s really a whole new approach to fastening. What we do with our system is to rely on the mechanical properties of polymer for the mechanical performance of this system. The specific physical properties we are utilizing are the resilience and the shear strength of a separate component, polymer based, connector element,” explained Geoff Baker, president and developer of Resilient Fastener Corporation. 

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