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Why sports venues must choose vinyl flooring

Why sports venues must choose vinyl flooring

Issue Time:2016/03/23

Why sports venues must choose vinyl flooring

Now almost al lindoor sports venues laying plastic floor, especially some of the non-professional venue, or the school‘s gym.

          PVC sports flooring for sports venues preferred flooring because it is more advantageous than solid wood sports flooring:

          1, the project cost comparison: general professional wood sports flooring, solid wood flooring cost of training were 450-1600 yuan / sq m, while the PVC sports flooring professional and non-professional venue construction costs are in the 280-700 yuan / square meters. Prices have obvious advantages.

         2, the construction speed comparison: the general construction of sports venues, take basketball for example, generally a standard basketball court wood floor construction takes 15-20 days, while PVC sports flooring construction only need 5-7 days to complete.

        3, floor performance comparison: solid wood flooring is easy to crack, deformation, infestation, mildew, resonance, impact resistance is poor, poor wear resistance, rebound rate of 90%; while PVC sports flooring has good abrasion resistance, stain , antimicrobial resistance, easy cleaning, maintenance, no distortion, no cracking, no bagging, no insects, mildew, dimensionally stable, resilient up to 98%, safe and reliable, can effectively protect the athlete will not be harmed.

         4, with color comparison: single color wood sports flooring, PVC sports flooring and a variety of colors, suitable for different color requirements, and easy to match, from flooring and space constraints.

         5, environmental performance comparison: solid wood sports flooring thanks to paint, so the floor is not environmentally friendly release of formaldehyde and PVC sports flooring 100% free of formaldehyde and harmful gas emissions, environmental pollution.

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