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Can PVC Floor Bear Cigarettes Burning?

Can PVC Floor Bear Cigarettes Burning?

Mar 23,2016

Can PVC Floor Bear Cigarettes Burning?

Now more and more people use PVC Floor in their indoor rooms.

You may know that PVC Floor is fire resistance product (Test result of Sensse PVC Floor is: class Bn-s1/EN 11925-2,EN 9239-1) but do you know if PVC Floor can bear the cigarettes burning?

Let's test it:

  • Preparation: 2Pcs Samples (One with UV Coating, another without UV Coating)

  • Stick burning cigarettes on the sample surface, time last 20-30 seconds.

Let's see the result:

Although the PVC Plank Floor samples cannot burn up, both surface already get damaged!So during daily using of the PVC Floorings, pls remember to keep your floor away from buring cigarettes, mosquito, hot iron or other hot metal objects. Better maintenance helps longer lifetime!

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