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Innovate the Management and Sales Way

Innovate the Management and Sales Way

Jan 20,2016

Due to the fierce competition in flooring market,and the market is results in more and more companies sell their products through promotions and advertising campaigns at the end of last month.

However, it can not change this phenomenon.Not only it damages the brand image, but also damage the loyalty to the brand of consumer.Meanwhile,the advertising needs invest a lot of time and money,and it not have a good effect.

Promotion is a double-edged  sword , it  can   establish  brand  awareness,  and  enlarge the market  share , etc. However, consumers are notinterested  in the way of promotion. What  should we do next?

We should innovate the management, and the sales way. It is very important that we should pay more attention to our after-sales service.

Only in this way ,our company can have a better development.

Our Hanhent international Ltd.,Co.,has a good after-sales service , and our vinyl  flooring have a good quality.

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