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Are LVT floors flexible?

Are LVT floors flexible?

Update Time:2022/6/20

Are LVT floors flexible?

Yes..This is a very soft floor

Vinyl floor is a softer material than tile, and depending on the multilayer construction can be cut or tornVinyl offers you a slightly softer walking surface and bass noise reduction, making it a great choice for a bedroom, den or nursery.

Vinyl floor makes the floor under your feet more shock absorbing and less tiring when walking or standing for long periods of time.(very soft)

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Material: PVC

Dry back

Not rigid

Not self-adhesive

Application method: Glue on the floor.

Thickness: 3 mm

Wear layer: 0,3 mm

48 ”x 9”x 3mm (wear layer 0,3mm)

Appearance: Wood

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