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Why Hospitals and Medical Centers Choose Vinyl Flooring

Why Hospitals and Medical Centers Choose Vinyl Flooring

Jun 10,2022
Why Hospitals and Medical Centers Choose Vinyl Flooring

Why sheet vinyl is the ideal hospital floor covering

Sheet vinyl is the ideal choice for most hygiene floors for a number of reasons:

1. It is non porous so does no harbour dirt or germs

2. When fitted correctly it has no cracks or seems to catch dirt or germs.

3. Edges are easily fitted with cover formed corners, again avoiding nucks and crannies for bacteria.

4. Easily cleaned using and number of heavy duty sanitising chemicals.

Where Can Vinyl Sheet Be Installed in a Hospital?
In general, vinyl is very versatile and can be used as flooring in many locations. Including:

· The Entrance

· Lobby

· Patient Rooms

· Cafeteria

· Corridors

· Emergency and Operating Rooms

· Bathrooms

Key Benefits of Vinyl Flooring


When the luxury vinyl floor made in the USA is installed properly and maintained, it can easily last at least two decades. It is the recommended flooring in areas of heavy traffic. The latest vinyl flooring also comes with a surface protective layer that resists scuffs, stains, and scratches.

Stain Resistance

Since spills are common in hospitals, you preferably want flooring that is stain resistant, and luxury vinyl meets this need. The surface layer on top of the flooring will prevent it from developing stains from spills. You can expect this protection from both vinyl sheets and tiles. However, the solid vinyl tiles do not always have this surface layer and will require regular polishing to maintain the aesthetics.


Luxury vinyl feels softer on the feet than other floorings because some vinyl tiles and sheets have a padded layer that makes walking more comfortable. In addition, the padding also provides some degree of elasticity, meaning that after the heavy foot or roller traffic, the flooring will revert back to its original position and shape.

Sound Absorbing

Luxury vinyl that comes with the extra layer of padding underneath is also able to absorb sound and lessen the noise, which is highly desired in a hospital environment.


Maintenance for luxury vinyl flooring is a breeze. Simply sweeping or vacuuming will remove most of the dirt and debris. If there are any stains, simply wipe with a damp mop. This simple maintenance will keep the flooring pristine and durable for more than two decades.

In sonclusion

As you can see, vinyl has many great features as a floor for a hospital or commercial enterprise. To learn more about vinyl flooring, visit Ultrasurface and speak with an experienced professional.

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