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What is the Best Flooring for Bathrooms?

What is the Best Flooring for Bathrooms?

Nov 23,2020

Vinyl floors are attractive and economical.Vinyl floors is available in a wide range of colours, designs and styles that can match any decor. Vinyl is water and stain resistant, versatile and provides durability for its cost.
Vinyl floor- A variety of desirable characteristics continues to make this as a versatile flooring option. 
When you decide any floor type you must look into few things-

Does it suit the style of the room/home?
Is it water resistant?
How durable is it?
Will it stand up to kids?
Is it slippery? 

Vinyl has become a widely used option for bathrooms because of its benefits and the value it offers.

Vinyl is extremely inexpensive when compared to other flooring options.

Vinyl floors are easy to clean and also provide great water resistance in your bath.

Vinyl is a smart substitute for tile, natural stone or even wood.

A better insulator than tile, giving it a slightly warmer feel and it is relatively soft, which makes it more comfortable to stand on for longer periods of time.

As far as cleaning and maintenance goes, vinyl is hard to beat. It practically requires little maintenance. It needs to be swept or mopped occasionally to keep the floor clean.
Types in Vinyl Flooring

With little care and maintenance, vinyl can be a smart choice for your bathrooms.
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bathroom flooring
bathroom flooring

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