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Don’t understand these big losses before buying lock WPC floor? Suggest you read it before you buy!

Don’t understand these big losses before buying lock WPC floor? Suggest you read it before you buy!

Feb 6,2020

As a very important part of home decoration, the floor can be said to determine the tone of the entire home. So what should be paid attention to when choosing flooring and color matching? How to choose a floor color that is consistent with the decoration style of the entire room?

Common Mistakes of Floor Selection

       Misunderstanding 1: Pay attention to suits and ignore the whole. Many consumers habitually choose the floor according to the color of the wall surface. In fact, the floor as the focus of the entire home decoration is laid on a large area. The focus should be on the overall purchase of the wall, furniture, soft decoration .
  Misunderstanding 2: All use a decorative floor for paving. In fact, different floors can be used in different environments, because different elements are also reflected in the decoration, so the floor can be paved differently according to these characteristics.

       Taking the American style as an example, the American style advocates returning to nature and is suitable for a large living room, which can better show the owner's preferences and taste. However, American-style furniture is generally large, so rooms with an area of ​​more than 150 square meters and good lighting are more suitable for this style of decoration.

A modern style that is more self-explanatory than simplicity has become the pursuit of many young people's decoration. The space structure that does not follow the common sense, strong and bold color contrast, and coupled with the clicklock WPC vinyl flooring, we seem to see the shadow of liberalism. . But also pay attention to the actual use of features, not flashy.
SPC vinyl flooring
     When it comes to European style, most people do not consciously think of gorgeous crystal lamps and large and heavy sofas. In fact, the simple European style can also let those small-sized houses really enjoy the pure European home style.

From the whole to the part, indoor to outdoor, the lines are simplified and carefully carved. In a small apartment space, the sense of crowding is abandoned, creating a European-style texture.

        Make a detailed style plan before choosing the floor, and do some homework before you buy it, it seems very necessary! After you understand these, you are not afraid! In your beloved home, in each well-designed space, This is the true meaning of life.

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