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"China speed" shocks the world in 2020 ,Hanflor-ese will also carry forward the "Chinese spirit"

"China speed" shocks the world in 2020 ,Hanflor-ese will also carry forward the "Chinese spirit"

Feb 3,2020

This year's Spring Festival in China is more special than ever. The novel coronavirus has ravaged China's Wuhan and impressed the entire country. In order to fight the epidemic, the Chinese government urgently built a hospital dedicated to treating new pneumonia. As a front-line battlefield against this epidemic, China's demonstrated strength and speed have made it obvious to the world.

It only took 10 days! Vulcan Mountain and Raytheon Mountain, two hospitals that can accommodate thousands of beds, were completed.
The British "Daily Mail" reported:
"Incredible time-lapse footage has captured Wuhan's first dedicated coronavirus hospital starting to take shape after just four days of construction. Drone footage released by People's Daily today shows trucks, diggers and builders operating in full swing on the construction site of Huoshenshan Hospital while dozens of shipping containers were put at one side of the field."

At a critical juncture, the speed with which the Chinese solve their problems has impressed the people of the world. This is "China Speed". In the same way, as a caring environmentally friendly flooring company, Hanflor also upholds the "Chinese spirit" to serve every customer.

Whether it is the solution of customer problems, the production of flooring, or the delivery of goods, we hanflor all achieve the most accurate purpose at the fastest speed.

Hanflor-ese, for 16 years, have been working hard to focus on solving customer needs, and our mission must be achieved.

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