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Are you also looking for a real waterproof floor?

Are you also looking for a real waterproof floor?

Jul 5,2019
If you are laying wooden flooring in your home, in this case, the water should be drained in a short time, otherwise the wooden floor will not be restored to its original shape after being lifted, and the new floor will need to be replaced, which inevitably increases the cost of home decoration.

Do you have such an expectation in your heart, can you have a really waterproof floor?
Hanflor introduces you to our 100% waterproof click vinyl flooring.
Click vinyl flooring is a type of floor that is very popular nowadays,they have real wooden look. In order to save indoor space, many consumers choose to use the floor without nail, glue or keel.
Waterproof test of locks - no penetration of floor joints
The lock waterproof test is a very strict method for evaluating the waterproof performance of the floor. Pour the soapy water into the seams of the floor splicing. After 12 hours or even 24 hours, measure the water swell of the floor to evaluate the waterproof quality of the floor. So far, hanflor‘s click vinyl flooring has never experienced an expansion of more than 0.05 mm. Even with the use of wine and pet urination instead of soapy water, the test results have achieved good results.
Wet drag test - wipe the impervious floor
The wet tow test is one of the effective ways to check if the installed floor is truly waterproof. Simulate the scene of clean floor in real life, drag the wet mop with soapy water (soap can reduce the surface tension of the water) on the floor, and keep the moisture coverage without erasing. Re-measure after 10 days, the result shows that the moisture is not Penetration into the interior of the lock floor by seams without any damage or expansion of the floor surface.

Especially in the winter, when the click vinyl flooring is installed, no matter how much water is splashed, the water will completely evaporate into the air, and the floor will not be affected.

In addition to the extraordinary waterproof ability, the click vinyl flooring is a design life and durability, it is a real life!

Pretty is more than appearance
Every inch of texture is lifelike
Outstanding scratch resistance
Anti-wear, scratch and impact resistance

Safe, environmentally friendly, non-polluting, zero formaldehyde addition
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and Hazardous Gas Emissions

Less than one tenth of the strict standards of most countries and regions

Take care of the subtle aspects of floor covering, decoration, finishing and maintenance programs

Provides a full range of flooring solutions for superior flooring

100% waterproof flooring covering has become the preferred solution for many families, especially kitchens, bathrooms and hallways.

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