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Vinyl Flooring Care & Maintenance

Vinyl Flooring Care & Maintenance

Apr 17,2019

Vinyl Flooring Care & Maintenance

Luxury Vinyl Planks are tough, but all flooring is pervious to dents, scratches, or other natural or man-made damage. Prevention is a big part of the care for all flooring. Below are some simple vinyl floor care recommendations.

General Guidelines

· For Cleaning, we recommend dry or damp mopping as needed using Bona Stone Tile & Laminate cleaner or similar.

· To clean up dried glue use Bostik’s Ultimate Adhesive remover.

· Do not use anything abrasive or harsh chemicals to clean the floor. Never use any of the following products on your floor: ammonia-based cleaners, mineral spirits, acrylic finishes, wax-based products, detergents, bleach, polishes, oil soap, abrasive cleaning soaps, acidic materials such as vinegar.

· Never apply wax treatments or top coats to the floor.

· Do not drag furniture across the floor, use felt pads on chair and furniture legs.

· Equip swiveled-type office chairs or rolling furniture with broad surface non-staining casters with a diameter of at least 2”.

· Keep pet’s nails trimmed to avoid excess scratching.

· Lighter colors and darker colors naturally show more dirt, flaws and marks and are considered higher maintenance.

· Sweep or vacuum the floor regularly to remove loose dirt. Do NOT use vacuums that use a beater bar or turn beater bar off.

· Place quality walk-off mats at all entrances to retain tracked in dirt, grit and moisture, never use latex or rubber backed mats as they can permanently stain the floor.

· Area rugs are also recommended in front of kitchen sinks and in high traffic areas.

· Although the Cali Vinyl™ Plank Flooring is waterproof, it is still a best practice to avoid excessive moisture on the floor. Therefore, we recommend soaking up spills immediately using a dry towel or dry mop.

· Limit direct sunlight on floor by using curtains and blinds in areas that are exposed to high UV rays. Heating units or non-insulated ductwork close to the flooring or subfloor may cause “hot spots” which must be eliminated prior to installation.

· Heavy furniture (500+ lbs.) may obstruct the free, natural movement of a floated floor. Restricting this movement in certain areas can lead to problems such as buckling or separation when the floor experiences natural expansion and/or contraction.

· If moving heavy furniture or appliances with a dolly always use runways to prevent indentation from the wheels.

· To prevent indentations and scratches remove small diameter buttons/ends from furniture legs and replace with non-staining floor protectors with a surface no less than 1” in diameter.

· When moving large appliances use proper dollies, glides, or 1/8″ Masonite with the shiny side down. Rolling appliances or heavy load bearing carts with small wheels directly across the floor may damage the vinyl floor.

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