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Some Home Design Trends to Know

Some Home Design Trends to Know

Aug 2,2017

Some Home Design Trends to Know

From a renewed focus on comfort to new material and color pairings, here are nine home design trends that top talents say are taking hold.

#1 Lived-in Aesthetic

“we see a lot of our clients gravitating away from super clean and modern spaces to more homey and lived-in ones. Clients want a cozier feel and are looking for more textures and patterns along with soft surfaces for spaces that are more inviting yet still with a modern vibe.”

---Joe Human

#2 Mixture of Warm & Cool Tones

“pair warm and cool tones to strike a unique vibe. Blue is a calming color, and I like to inject notes of apricot and warm honey to add a cozy feeling.”

---Angie Hranowsky

#3 Warm &Friendly Spaces

“we have seen from a grandeur to more cozy and intimate spaces. Our clients are seeking a comfortable and welcoming spot for conversation and a glass of wine.”

---Bailey Austin, Mel Bean

#4 Blending of Styles and Materials

“Style now is all about ‘the mix.’ Here, the combination of a vintage coffee table, clean-lined sofa, and modern art creates a rich and interesting aesthetic.”

---Sandra Funk

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