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Do You Know PS Skirting Board?

Do You Know PS Skirting Board?

May 24,2017

Do You Know PS Skirting Board?

Polystyrene skirting boards can not only save on repairs, but also have several important advantages over wooden, PVC and MDF models.

From the environmental point of view, some of PVC, MDF and wood interior moulding company changed their raw material into PS. 

PVC skirting board was regulated of use due to environmental hormone but PS is safe material.

 In addition, PS skirting boards perfectly repeat the form of wall and floor, leaving no gaps. 

 As you know, in most of countries practically no straight walls in homes and are often left gap even after a good repair.

Here is more advantage to use our products.


- It has high quality texture in harmony with natural wood;

- It has a special soft edge and effectively eliminates the gap uneven walls and floors;

- It is made of polystyrene, but retains the flexibility to use the model

- It has a whole range of caps and corners, matching the tone.

- It is very durable and withstands insects.

- It does not absorb the moisture so, there is no swollen or deformed.

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