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Interior Design | Nevern Square Apartment

Interior Design | Nevern Square Apartment

May 8,2017

Interior Design | Nevern Square Apartment

Nevern Square Apartment was located in London, designed by Daniele Petteno. It has been conceived to turn a 69 sqm (and 5 windows only) self-contained flat, unmodernised and very fragmented apartment into a comfortable and fully equipped apartment, plenty of innovations and specifically designed to suit the needs of a young family.

The Design concept is based on the contemporary reinterpretation of the British Edwardian 2-rooms layout, with one big room at the front and one at the rear, to both reveal the original rooms proportions and enhance the two beautiful and monumental windows at the front. 

It is the intersection between these two ‘L’ that generates the element that makes this project unique: a wide glazed internal opening, which gives to the front and rear rooms an extraordinary visual depth and continuity, and that can be screened anyway when needed. This opening really works like an additional big window inside the house, allowing to enjoy the natural daylight during the whole day, for a considerable energy saving, and giving the impression that both the Living area and the Master bedroom would double face (front and rear) the external spaces, with a beautiful view on the leafy Nevern Square gardens.

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