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Curtains make home more color, let’s learning how to choose a curtain

Curtains make home more color, let’s learning how to choose a curtain

Sep 22,2016

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Curtain is an important part of the home improvement, plays a finishing touch roles on the overall decoration.I have collected some information on the curtains with knowledge sharing to everyone, I hope it can help you!


Curtains not only to block out the light, dust, partition, protection of privacy and so on, and home decoration effect can not be ignored, a suitable curtains can make the whole space more style.


Choice of colors curtains, you should first understand the meaning of each color represents. As warm colors (orange, red, yellow and other colors) gives a warm, bright, lively and warm atmosphere; cool colors (blue, purple and other colors), it will make people feel elegant, quiet, mysterious, make the indoor environment cool and pleasant. Neutral tones, such as coffee, dark green, violet, green and other colors the lake, the whole space seem more stable and smooth.


Curtain style and interior design style should be consistent, curtains style can be divided into European-style, minimalist style, American country style, English garden style, modern minimalist style, Chinese style. Contemporary minimalist style curtains should be selected, the overall more coordinated.


Home each functional space curtains selection is also a luxurious, living room is recommended to choose a relatively thick fabric, it is a good isolation from outside noise, bedroom and living room color should be different, the former curtains should be light, peaceful, the latter should be thick , gives a sense of solemnity. There are some tulle, silk curtains can also be selected depending on the functional area.


For it dark north-facing rooms, if hung red maroon, yellow curtains, narrow room will become wide, bright and elegant, giving a fresh and comfortable feeling. South of the house can be hung Drawnwork stenciling sky blue, light blue curtain, indoor strong light can be adjusted to delicate and soft diffuse light, but also maintain indoor brightness, the room seemed quiet.


Choose base on room size, furniture colors, you can see what color is the ground, what color curtains to select, attention should be harmonious floor, furniture. General: red and green, blue and orange, red and blue, yellow and purple, with the same after discord, avoid using the same.


For planted with greenery outside the window of the family, it should be left only on the side of the curtain, so that the scenery outside the window and interior embraced. Sometimes breezy curtains will be floating in the air dancing, it shows its natural beauty. If you set a pelmet above the curtains, then the overall shape of the entire window is even more beautiful,beautiful curtains for both icing on the cake, but also the role of dust and cleaning, will inevitably make us feel better.


It also can be selected according to the physical and mental balance. Because different colors will have different psychological effects. As for the grumpy person, tender green curtains should be used, to relaxing the nerves, emotional stability; hypertension, heart disease, can use light blue curtains, can make blood pressure, pulse rate stable.

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