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How PVC comes?

How PVC comes?

Aug 19,2016

PVC process of the invention is very interesting.This should be talking about 100 years ago in Germany - when the price of electricity is very expensive, lighting lamps are generally used acetylene gas as fuel. Some German companies think that acetylene gas has a big market, a lot of investment in manufacturing acetylene gas. When a large amount of acetylene may be produced, the new generator was invented. Followed by a sharp drop in electricity prices, and since then no one is using the acetylene gas lamp. As a result, a large amount of acetylene gas useless. 

To take advantage of these acetylene gas, in 1912, when a German chemist named Fritz Klatte of the acetylene reacted with hydrochloric acid to give vinyl chloride. He obtained a vinyl chloride on laboratory shelves, over a period of time, found that the polymerization of vinyl chloride. PVC, and it was invented.

Unfortunately, he did not know what is the use of PVC, the company (Greisheim Electron), although where he work in applied for a patent in this material PVC in Germany, but until the patent expired in 1925, they did not come up with the use of PVC. However, just a year later, in 1926, American chemist, Waldo Semon, again independently invented PVC, and found that this material has excellent water separation properties, very suitable for the shower curtain.

Therefore,Semon and his company B.F.Goodrich applied for a patent for
PVC in the United States , and thus began to be mass-produced PVC applications.

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