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Unilin wins judgment against importers of infringing laminate

Unilin wins judgment against importers of infringing laminate

May 20,2016

Posted Date: 5/18/2016

[Wielsbeke, Belgium] Unilin announced it was recently awarded a $1.17 million judgment for the patent infringement of Granada Kitchen & Floor, LLC, Granada Wood & Cabinets, Inc. and NSL Trading Corporation's past imports and sales of approximately 600,000 m2 of glueless laminate flooring products that infringed on Unilin’s patents.

This final judgment brought to a close the patent infringement action launched in March 2014 against several California-based companies involved in the import of flooring products and the individuals behind the companies, according to Unilin. 

"The protection of our intellectual property rights in North America is one of our priorities," said Bart Van der Stockt of Unilin's IP business unit. "We remain vigilant, and are already undertaking several new actions against other infringers in the U.S. and Canada in order to ensure a fair marketplace. These court actions are complementing our ongoing, active cooperation with the United States Customs border protection offices, where containers with infringing flooring products are regularly being examined and denied entry into the United States pursuant to the General Exclusion Order issued by the US International Trade Commission in 2006 to prevent products infringing Unilin's clic patents from entering the United States." 

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