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Abrasion Performance of Vinyl Plank Floor

Abrasion Performance of Vinyl Plank Floor

Apr 12,2016

Abrasion Performance of Vinyl Plank Floor

Recently we send one set of Vinyl Plank Floor samples to SGS office for abrasion performance testing. Sample specification is 4.0mmx0.2mmx6"x36" with uv coating.

vinyl plank floor

After one week we get surprising news that test result is failed!(Our client request min 1500rpm for 0.2mm wear layer) This confuse us a lot because the wear layer materials of different batches are same composition from same supplier, we decide to prove SGS testing is wrong!

We prepare another two sets same samples as sending to SGS, send them to different factory labs and ask them to test our samples. Testing process in below pic:

Abrasion Test

Results we get from two labs: one set sample in 2400rpm while another set in 2100rpm.(Result different due to differ machine and differ part of embossed surface)

These are truth!

We fight with SGS guys so that they change a person to do another abrasion test. After 5hours a calling from SGS office say sorry to us and prove our abrasion performance over 2000rpm.

This result shows 0.2mm wear layer on Vinyl Plank Floor can be suitable for all residential areas and part of light commercial areas like small office.

If you are going to install at heavy commercial areas like shop or hotel lobby, thicker wear layer like 0.3mm or 0.5mm will be recommended!

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