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vinyl flooring construction methods

vinyl flooring construction methods

Mar 30,2016

vinyl flooring construction methods

1.plain deal: According to prime position to do sanding, repair, removal;

2. vinyl ester primer: The appropriate proportion of vinylester resin and a curing agent added to promote the prime land thin scratch againenhance the surface adhesion;

3.Shop glass fabric: place the flat glass fabric, vinylesters with deployment of a good paint adhesion to glass woven ground, and use batchcutter vinyl ester coating batch will be flat, uniformly coating, according to need to do oneto three;

4. vinyl ester coating: vinyl esters deployment of good paint with a trowel uniform coating one to two;

5.vinyl ester finish: finish the deployment of good vinyl ester uniform coating with a trowel, after the completion of the overall bright and clean surface, coloruniform, no hollowing;

6.the construction complete: 24 hours before the Master, 72 hoursbefore stress. (25 degrees prevail, low temperature be modest extension of opening hours)

7. maintenance

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