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Advantages Of PVC flooring vs Solid Wooden Flooring

Advantages Of PVC flooring vs Solid Wooden Flooring

Mar 9,2016

    Advantages Of PVC flooring vs Solid Wooden Flooring

PVC flooring, commonly known as vinyl flooring, is one of the most popular flooring choices in the market, especially compared to solid wooden flooring, due to characteristics such as inexpensive upfront cost, high durability and ease of installation. As such while installation by experienced professional yields the best result still, PVC flooring is especially appealing to DIYers nonetheless.

As with everything related to home décor, careful evaluation of the pros and cons is crucial before making the final decision; PVC, or vinyl, flooring is no exception to the rule, so as to ensure getting the expected results.


  • PVC flooring is extremely durable, having very high resistance against dents and scratches, which is a major issue with solid wooden. Well-installed and adequately maintained, they can last up to 20 years or more.
  • Unlike solid wooden flooring which absorbs moisture and stains easily, usual impurities are not known to penetrate the sheets or tiles of PVC, making them very resistant to dirt and staining. As such, maintaining PVC flooring requires little other than sweeping, vacuuming and mopping, unlike solid wooden flooring which requires specialized cleaners periodically.

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