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Vinyl Flooring VS Other Wooden Flooring

Vinyl Flooring VS Other Wooden Flooring

Feb 25,2016


Despite the formidable -sounding name, hardwood flooring is susceptible to damage easily, and therefore, is high-maintenance. For hardwood flooring to last, it is essential to keep moisture out, take measures to avoid causing dents and scratches, and clean with the proper kind of cleaners.

Vinyl and laminate flooring on the other hand, require little maintenance, and cleaning can be sufficiently done with just sweeping, vacuuming and mopping with water. Laminate flooring, if not properly waterproofed, would require a little more attention in keeping moisture out; while vinyl flooring is 100% waterproof.

Hardwood flooring is unparalleled in this department, as the warmth and texture of wood in its most natural state cannot be effectively simulated by engineered counterparts.

Laminate flooring is moderately comfortable to walk on, due to moderate thickness and wood content. Though not necessary, this could be made more comfortable with foam underlayment.

Vinyl flooring performs less desirably here and almost exclusively installed for functionality. If installed directly on a subfloor or concrete without underlayment, it would feel hard and cold.

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