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It's Time to Say Goodbye to your Old Flooring

It's Time to Say Goodbye to your Old Flooring

Jan 7,2016

    Thinking about upgrading your carpet to vinyl plank flooring? Removing your flooring may seem like a pretty heavy decision, but we have a couple of reasons why it would be a great idea for you to invest in the flooring upgrade.

        Environmentally Safe:

        Carpets are reservoirs of dust, hair, skin and other tiny particles. Vinyl flooringwon’t get this problem if you sweep regularly.

        Increase home value:

        Although updating your floors can be a cost up in front, it will pay off by increasing your home’s value.

        Easy to clean:

        Without a question, cleaning up spills and dusts on a wood or vinyl plank floor will be much easier to deal with than carpet.

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