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What services are provided?

What services are provided?

Update Time:2022/5/27
Personalized customization service
  • the exclusive customized logo of Hanflor floor mat gives you a strong brand blessing, enhances product positioning, and strengthens brand attributes.

  • | HD marketing pictures

We provide HD pictures, actual planks shot,  the HD room renderings maximize your flooring sales channels. High-resolution, multi-dimensional angles can show product details more intuitively and clearly, bringing unparalleled visual enjoyment and the clearest purchasing guide to our contractors and customers.
|High-quality marketing services 
with a variety of display boards, samples, premium color brochures, product catalogs, and more Respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.Experienced staff answer all your questions promptly.Custom designs available.Our highly trained professional engineers and staff can provide our clients with exclusive and unique solutions.Special discounts and sales protection for our importers. Professional factory: we are the manufacturer, professional production, pa/certificate.htmtent certification.
For Home Use
The dark brown plank is perfect for the bedroom,the color looks very warm. After they are assembled together, the overall vision is gorgeous and intense, very atmospheric. Exquisite and delicate texture can achieve the graceful decorative effect, which is in line with the trend of aesthetics.

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